Timeless Functional Design und Sustainable Production

"Nordic Crown is a Swedish company producing baby products with roots in BRIO. Our company is built on a strong value-driven foundation with focus on quality, sustainability and safety. We strive to minimise the use of resources and to maintain a responsible production and consumption. Our products are timeless and sustainable, designed to be used and reused for years to come. When we decided to launch a footmuff range, we set out to challenge ourselves and to disrupt the market. We strived to choose only the best materials that are sustainable and functional, ethical and transparent of origin.

Therefore we have chosen lavalan® wool insulation from ecologically traceable European wool with the highest quality and animal welfare standards. We love to cooperate with manufacturers that share our values and care for our planet. Wool has many positive benefits and is able to adapt to the changing weather conditions. That is why our ambition is to expand the use of lavalan® wool insulation in our footmuffs. In addition, lavalan® wool insulation is produced in Europe where our factory is also based, therefore reducing carbon footprint and making it even more eco-friendly."