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Amount of European virgin wool (in tons) we have processed for lavalan insulation products last year.

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lavalan® – the wool insulation

Our Mission: Increase value and awareness for our homegrown wool and appreciate the work of our sheep farmers.

lavalan® - the wool insulation is the fibrefill made from 100% natural and renewable raw materials, virgin wool and corn-based PLA and certified after OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Quite often synthetic materials are used to insulate clothing and bedding, whereas nature already offers highly functional and complex raw materials like wool.

Wool is able to uptake and release moisture vapour while being water-repellent at the same time. This makes lavalan highly breathable, quick drying and keeps you warm even when wet or sweating. Since wool is thermoregulating it also provides a cooling effect and prevents one from overheating. So wool is able to always deliver comfortable, cozy warmth regardless of activity levels or altering temperatures.

lavalan® wool insulation – natural fibre padding made of virgin wool and corn

Another important aspect is the odour neutralization. Since wool wicks moisture away, it can never build up the bacteria that causes bad odours, which makes lavalan the perfect wadding for a longer use without unnecessary wash cycles, for example during travels, outdoor adventures and several-day mountain trips.

Made in Germany - purchase lavalan® wool insulation for your padded products

Our wool is solely sourced from European countries after highest quality and animal welfare standards. For lavalan it is crucial that no sheep are tortured, neither during breeding nor the shearing process. Even at the end of its lifecycle our filling doesn’t turn into waste because lavalan – the wool insulation is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

lavalan® is the ecological, sustainable and animal friendly insulation alternative to synthetics and down. Please contact us if you have any questions about our wool insulation, about what lavalan® product fits your needs and what would be best for your products.