lavalan® - the wool insulation

lavalan® is the highly functional wool filling completely made from renewable raw materials, European sourced virgin wool and a corn based synthetic fibre called polylactic acid (PLA).

The name lavalan® is derived from the Latin term ‘washable wool’. So, machine washability on the gentle wool cycle and with wool detergent is a given. All lavalan products pass through a thermal bonding process during manufacturing. The PLA connects the wool fibres on countless spots and creates a long-lasting, robust but at the same time soft and comfortable fiberfill for all kinds of textiles and bedding products.

At the end of its lifecycle our filling doesn’t turn into waste because our wool insulation is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

In order to match the distinctive requirements for various fields of application (e.g. workwear, active wear, gloves, skiwear, etc.), lavalan® has been developed in different weight categories and qualities: lavalan® sport, lavalan® plus, lavalan® pro, lavalan® stretch and for bedding.

Our wool fiber filling is ideal for all outdoor activities, environmentally friendly, sustainable as well as highly functional. Products with lavalan® wool insulation is moreover ideal for climbing, skiing, biking, cycling, camping, outdoor activities, home textiles & bedding and many more. We love our sustainable wool insulation, once you tried a wool padded product, you will never go back.



NEW lavalan® pure: made of 100% European virgin sheep's wool

100% nature – 100% function – 100% sustainability: lavalan® pure is the new padding made from 100% European virgin sheep's wool. It combines unrivaled functionality with the highest sustainability standards. lavalan® pure is made exclusively from natural raw materials and is therefore 100% biodegradable. Thanks to a new manufacturing process, the fleece consists of wool – and nothing else. A great advantage for brands that care about a traceable as well as sustainable recycling and supply chain and want to make full use of the strengths that wool offers.

Due to its fine structure, the padding is particularly suitable for use in clothing and due to its purity, the product can very easily be recycled at the end of the product life cycle (post-consumer) and be reintegrated into the lavalan® production process.

Available weights: 90g, 120g, 150g, 200g, 250 g/sqm




lavalan® sport: our most functional wool insulation made of virgin wool and corn

lavalan® sport is our standard insulation product, which various apparel and textile brands already appreciate and trust in.

lavalan sport comes with the highest portion of wool fibers within the lavalan product family (85% average) which results in our most functional wadding. The higher the part of virgin wool the better our nonwovens perform in the areas of insulation, temperature regulation, moisture management and odour resistance.

Moreover, lavalan sport provides a nice loft and puffiness due to its sophisticated manufacturing process and the crimp of the wool fiber. Still, the thermal bonding of the wool fibers makes lavalan sport a strong, long lasting and ‘easy-care’ filling for all kinds of fashion and outdoor garments, like active & mountaineering apparel, ski & bike wear, sleeping bags, etc.

lavalan sport can be ordered in a wide range of weight categories. It is available from 40g/m2 for light padded summer garments up to 250g/m2 for very puffy winter jackets and parkas.

For fashion and outdoor: lavalan® sport dark brown

Our wool insulation also comes in a dark brown version. It is mainly used in order to avoid undesired see-through effects in case of translucent shell fabrics. No need to mention that brands aiming for a pop of luxury appeal also tend to use the dark brown colour version.



lavalan® plus: the more durable wool insulation made of virgin wool and corn

lavalan® plus has been developed with a slightly lower portion of virgin wool versus lavalan sport (average 75%). This ends up in a more durable and abrasion resistant padding, reaching almost the same loft and functionality. lavalan® plus is particularly used in winter, touring and skiing gloves. Human’s perspiration in the hand area is strong which quite often leads to condensation and to cold hands. 

Cozy warmth in wool

Blind tests in the field have revealed that lavalan padded gloves prevent from a condensation since moisture vapour is drawn quickly and transported to the outside of the glove. This enhanced moisture regulation keeps your hands warmer for longer even during altering activity levels or changing weather conditions.



lavalan® pro: the strongest wool insulation made of virgin wool and corn

lavalan® pro is stronger and more durable than lavalan sport due to its higher portion of PLA and due to its manufacturing process. In addition to the thermal bonding the nonwoven is needled flat which results in a denser and more abrasion resistant wadding. It's recommended for example in workwear or skipants.



lavalan® stretch

A well thought slotting process makes lavalan® stretch the woolen filling alternative for all products that require additional freedom of movement. After the thermal bonding, lavalan stretch passes through a sophisticated slotting process which adds further elasticity to the filling without using elastane, spandex or similar man-made fibres.

stretch for more freedom of movement

A little higher portion of PLA makes lavalan® stretch still a robust and durable wadding that generates a high degree of wearing comfort and that perfectly works in all areas with an extra need for mobility, e. g. in skiwear, or in elbow/knee/shoulder areas.



lavalan® wool insulation for bedding

Human beings spend about a third of their lives asleep. Whether we recover and recharge our batteries for the next day depends on many factors. The sleeping environment, the temperature and of course the bed play an important role. But one of the most important factors is the bedding that surrounds us. Their material, the softness set the standards for good dreams. Research recently revealed that sleeping in wool contributes to a longer and deeper sleep and thus may be a vital aspect in the health and wellbeing of humans.

There are two different qualities for bedding:

  • lavalan® soft combines extraordinary snugness and loft with all the benefits of the finest European virgin wool fibers. The natural antibacterial properties of wool, along with its inherent ability to regulate both temperature and moisture, create the best possible conditions for a healthy natural night’s sleep. This makes lavalan soft the perfect filling for duvets and mattress protectors.   
  • lavalan® classic is made from coarser wool qualities providing a more dimensionally stable, abrasion resistant and long lasting fibrefill that excellently works for mattresses or mattress toppers. A mattress filled with lavalan classic may round out your “sleeping-in-wool” experience for a comfortable night and a well-rested next morning.



PROLAN is a highly functional padding with a mix of wool and synthetic material to ensure the best correct fit possible. With its benefits it is mainly used for backpacks and shapes with specific requirements such as protectors etc. PROLAN complies with Standard 1621-2 Level 1. In addition, the damping properties of PROLAN are temperature-independent and therefore protect reliably and uncompromisingly under all conditions.