Gentle on nature and good for our well-being

"Centa-Star is the brand for exclusive bedding and superior sleeping comfort. We have been producing duvets, pillows and mattresses in Stuttgart since 1968 and are the German expert for innovative bedding made from functional fibers. When we decided to develop a duvet with a sheep's wool filling, we knew that the only filling material we could consider was lavalan®. It was clear to us that our sheep's wool bedding also had to be washable and easy to maintain. And that is the first big advantage of lavalan: The duvet and cover of the pillow are washable and also have the positive properties of wool for example that they are perfectly moisture and temperature regulating. The second and decisive advantage is the uncompromising traceability of the lavalan® virgin wool and the consistent animal protection when keeping the sheep. These product features are a strong selling point for our customers and set us apart from the industry standard, where hardly anyone really knows where the wool comes from."