Exceptional quality wool garments

The trend of “urban hiking” has taken the puffer jacket from extreme mountain climbing to the city streets. Combining function and fashion, the knitted and wool insulated Firda and Alvøy jacket are a new take on the traditional puffer jacket. Replacing the traditional down filling, the jackets are padded with wool filling from Norwegian sheep. This is a sustainable and animal friendly alternative to synthetic fibrefills and down filling.

These jackets are made of three layers of wool: A water repellent outer layer made of 100% skin soft merino wool, a soft lining made of superfine merino wool, and a lavalan filling made of traceable virgin Norwegian wool. (Norwegian wool is one of the world’s most animal-friendly textile fibers, sourced from sheep known for roaming freely in the vast Norwegian hillsides while grazing in natural pastures). Being made of wool, the lavalan filling holds great insulating and moisture wicking properties, and it is also odor resistant.