"Wool is an exceptional natural material"

"At Fjällräven natural, sustainable materials have always been our preferred choice when developing products", says James Lee, Garment Designer at Fjällräven. And wool is an exceptional natural material. Renewable and biodegradable. Durable yet soft to the touch. Warming when it’s cold, pleasantly cooling when the weather is warm. Odour resistant while effectively wicking away moisture.

"It’s no wonder we’re using it a lot in our product range", continues James Lee. "Since different sheep have different wool we work with a variety of wool qualities. When we heard that over 1000 tonnes of wool are thrown away or destroyed only in Sweden each year as a waste product from the meat industry we wanted to do something about it as we couldn’t believe that this useful material goes to waste. It might not have the same quality as other finer wool but it still has the same warming, wicking and odour-resistant properties.

Thanks to our close collaboration with lavalan this discarded wool has found a purpose – together we developed a solution to use this recovered wool as a unique, functional padding in some of our Jackets."