We bring slow fashion into the world of dog beds

“In partnering with lavalan®, Lebeddie underscores its commitment to sustainability, animal welfare, and high-quality craftsmanship. Just like lavalan®, we firmly believe in leveraging the abundant, natural benefits of European sheep wool. The traceability and eco-conscious practices employed in their supply chain perfectly harmonize with our brand ethos, creating products that don't just look good and feel comfortable, but also respect the planet and its animals.

Embracing lavalan®'s innovative, zero-waste philosophy, we've been able to advance our own vision of sustainable manufacturing, ensuring our products are not only durable and functional, but also kind to the environment. The synergy of our brands reinforces our commitment to our customers, who share our love for animals and dedication to sustainable living. Together, we are crafting a future that balances style, comfort, and sustainability, while championing the inherent worth of nature's gifts.”

Andy Chovan, CEO, Lebeddie