Streetwear clothing company founded in 1995 in San Sebastian

“At LOREAK MENDIAN, sustainability, performance and comfort are 3 key elements in our philosophy. Therefore, there was not any better partner for our high-end insulation apparel program than LAVALAN.
SUSTAINABILITY comes from this incredible natural material called Wool, which is carefully collected with the highest animal wellness standards, it’s totally traceable, and, at the end of the product cycle, it is biodegradable.
PERFORMANCE comes from the natural anti-odor / anti-bacteria properties of its fibers which also keep you warm and dry, being an excellent thermoregulator.
COMFORT comes from the special care and refinement given from LAVALAN to the wool, which feeling while using it is incredibly soft and pleasant.
There’s no better satisfaction than being able to link LOREAK MENDIAN, LAVALAN and Nature with our customer’s needs through respectful products.”

Sergi Ferrer, Product Manager