"The collaboration is part of our path towards a fossil free & renewable future"

At Tierra we strive to always be at the forefront of sustainability and technology. We have worked closely with lavalan for several years and the collaboration is part of our path towards a fossil free and renewable future.

Our latest project together is the Tierra Belay Series with insulation garments with a unique combination of partially biobased polyester fabrics and 100% renewable wool padding from lavalan. The wool is collected on the Swedish island of Gotland. Until now most wool produced/sheered in Sweden has been regarded as waste and dug down in the soil. Together with lavalan and Ullkontoret we find and collect wool that would otherwise be thrown away, and transform it to highly functional and ecological insulation. The light weight and ability to regulate temperature make the garments ideal for upbeat adventures in the mountains as well as calmer activities in the city.

We work with lavalan for their long experience of producing wool padding. We are fond of their philosophy to use European wool and to produce the products in Europe, this goes well in line with Tierra as the majority of our production is in Europe too. We also value that lavalan takes care of all wool, even the rougher wool and wool of different colours, and don’t just pick the finest wool.