A sustainable future with natural materials

"Nemours Co.Ltd. was founded 73 years ago in Japan and our main business is the production of bedding related items. Regarding lavalan, in addtion to the performance of wool fibre, it has a good touch and a bulky loft, therefore we use it for the inside material of bed-pads and light duvets. We have been looking for the company like Baur Vliesstoffe for a long time. They have a long history of processing high quality wool insulation in Germany, including a direct connection and good partnership with sheep farmers. This leads to a very good control of the wool supply chain and a clear traceability. While wadding made of synthetic fibres is a major player in the world, Baur's perspection of the material combination wool/PLA is focusing on sustainability and therefore matches our approach much better.

Wool from Europe is a highly sustainable material with a long history. We choose wool as a material from a SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) point of view. As we need to import wool from abroad anyways, it is with great pleasure that we can be a part of conserving the traditional European wool production - not forcing it but with the correct steps by using lavalan."