lavalan insulation shows high performance - also in very humid envirioment

"SHINOGI", our brand name comes from the brand concept of "To know one has enough". We are producing clothing items and gears to enjoy Japanese mountains with low altitude. Under the brand concept, our items provide just the right protection for the beautiful four seasons in Japan and they are very much unique. With SHINOGI wears and items there is a bit of space. The idea is to allow our customers to combine different layers and clothing that fits to one's body.

"The reason why we selected lavalan for SHINOGI is that the insulation padding is made of natural wool, which has the benefit of humidity control and odor prevention. Also there is no loss in loft of padding and good performance is maintained under high humidity. Therefore we selected carefully other materials to combine with lavalan insulation in order to maximize the padding performance in the circumstances of rainy season, hot summer and of course the protection against the cold in winter."

Mr. Yanagiya, Brand Management